About Speaker Training Boot Camp

Are you a beginner or a seasoned speaker? If so you might have some challenges with getting booked, getting repeat business or paid speaking engagements. Do you want to know how?

  • To succeed in the speaking business in 2018 & Beyond?
  • To select your topic?
  • To build a multi-dimensional business model?
  • To become a one-of-a-kind personality speaker?
  • To leverage the most powerful speaker marketing strategy?
  • To set your speaking fees?
  • To become a profitable author?
  • To sell yourself as a professional speaker?

There is no where to go to learn these rules and frankly there is no one to show you how to achieve success without spending thousands of dollars to get there.

The Global Mentoring Center and the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce have heard your call and have created the Ultimate Boot Camp to help propel your speakingbusiness in 2018 and Beyond.

At the Global Mentoring Center Inc. we believe in paying it forward by helping others to reach their true potential as a speaker, presenter, author or coach.

Join the GMC & the HWNCC in Manhattan, New York